Welcome to the Biomed Middle East Portal.

We are delighted to have you as our visitor. Biomed-me.com is the only site on the Internet that is dedicated to the Middle East biomed engineering community and health care devices. Our objective is to contribute significantly in enhancing the knowledge and skill levels of the technicians, biomedical engineers and other health care and health care industry co-workers so that they become more effective in their jobs and careers which is profitable for their employers and safer, more effective for health care administration.


Biomed is Brand name of ISET Healthcare (www.isethealthcare.com). ISET  is a Dubai based Dubiotechnology and Research Park Partner Company. ISET was founded by a group of experienced healthcare industry leaders based in the Middle East. Our mission is to build sustainable long term partnerships with healthcare professionals. Our motivation is to Innovate, Improve, Educate, Share knowledge and provide high quality Services for a safer, profitable and more cost effective healthcare in the Middle East.

ISET Healthcare is a professional support resource that enables companies to effectively control costs and deliver on short and long term objectives. We offer tailor made solutions to the suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, reagents, consumables and disposables, helping to achieve the following key objectives:

1. Drive growth;

2. Reduce costs;

3. Open up new markets and profitable accounts;

4. Source sales opportunities for surplus inventory;

5. Connect global healthcare manufacturers with local partners in GCC countries to achieve market penetration and growth;

6. Increase workforce productivity by offering on-line and class room training courses;

7. Gather and provide relevant market intelligence to connect suppliers with end users;

8. Save valuable time for professionals by taking on routine assignments and delivering efficiently on agreed objectives;

9. Connect professional job seekers with reputable employers;

10. Successfully launch new products and target customers effectively through our web portal. www.biomed.exalogics.com.

Our Mission

Build sustainable long term partnerships with healthcare professionals to Innovate, Improve, Educate, Share knowledge and provide high quality Services for a safer, profitable and more cost effective Healthcare in the Middle East.


To become the leading biomedical and healthcare hub for information, decision tools, education and technical knowledge. To be an outstanding provider of solutions, a facilitator of new market opportunities and a driving force behind company growth in the Middle East Healthcare Community.
Core Values

•   To value the customer, value healthcare and value the Middle East centric.
•   To listen, understand, build trust, propose the correct solution and execute clinically.
•   To Maintain integrity, honesty and accountability at all time.
•   To ensure success, credibility and fairness for our customers, employees, partners and shareholders. Our Customers

All allied healthcare professionals including:

– Hospitals – End Users – Manufacturers – Suppliers – Distributors (with a focus on Biomedical and Clinical engineers) – Materials Managers – Patient Safety Officers – Purchasing Directors – Risk Managers – Senior Administrators – – Education Officers

Our Partners

Accredited and approved leading global and local healthcare companies, web portal contributors, readers and all other end users who utilise the facility.

Team Leader

Kashif Amar Rai, (Chief Executive)

Contact Information

P.O. Box 84694, Dubiotechnology and Science Park, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 367 9792 Fax: +971 4 3679793
Email: info (at) biomed.exalogics.com. Web: http://www.biomed.exalogics.com