Advertising is the Middle East’s leading Healthcare Portal for latest News, business intelligence reports as well as company and country reviews. Google Analytics confirms hit rate of over 50000 hits per day on web site.

Why advertise over the Internet?

Internet is one of the most viewed medium in the world.  Internet advertising offers the most measurable form of advertising and its growing rapidly though out the world. It allows companies to reach specific targets, specific markets, and through the measurement tools available, it delivers the most cost effective Return on Investment (ROI) for advertising campaigns and visibility.

In healthcare Industry internet is yet to be tapped. will help you, not only to reach our own viewership, we will also let you explore other opportunities for a maximum exposure for your company & products online.

Advertising with

We can help you to deliver your marketing message to your niche audience, to an international audience, to a market or industry sector. We work with our clients to offer flexible solutions that meet specific requirements.

We also conduct regular research with our readers so that we are always ahead when it comes to understanding our readers and their needs.

Advertising options on

At & ISET Healthcare Middle East, we can tailor make solutions to meet your needs, including tactical and sponsorship marketing tools. We are always open to offer unique and latest ideas to reach out the very strict niche of your customer base.

Banner advertising

We offer site wide banner advertising at 3 places on our web site and also custom options for advertising only at certain sections of our web site.

See banner examples

300 x 250 Pixels Banner 220 x 550 Pixels ad

728 x 90 Pixels ad

468 x 60 Pixels ad

Rate card for our Ads.

Advert Type Monthly (USD $) Half Yearly (USD$) Yearly (USD$)
Banner 468×60 1000 5,000 9,000
Banner 728×90 2000 10,000 19,000
Banner 300×250 2000 10,000 19,000
Banner 220×550 750 4,000 7,000
Banner 200×200 500 2,800 5,000

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