EIN Gulf Lamboo Mobile Clinic in Oman

As part of a free two year Roadshow and Screening Campaign, a Mobile Clinic of EIN Gulf Lamboo has arrived in Oman and is on display in front of Khoula Hospital. The trailer reached Oman after touring UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar during the last few months.

Earlier Sabah Al Aribaya featured the innovative partnership in the field of Mobile Healthcare. Mohamad Abu Obeid and Rawiya Al Alami hosted Dr. Wajdi Al Daghma, representative of EIN Gulf Lamboo and Siemens Healthcare.

Mobile Healthcare is an imminent need for protecting large populations in the entire Middle East, by detecting some of the most widespread diseases in an early stage. Mobile Healthcare also performs best in remote areas for a wide array of professional medical services, reaching out to the population. EIN Gulf Lamboo is world leader in developing the most advanced mobile healthcare solutions in close partnership with medical equipment suppliers as Siemens and institutes for e.g. breast cancer program management and quality control.

Mobile Healthcare includes advanced imaging diagnostics like mammography, ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET/CT, X-ray as well as full operation theaters, cath-labs, blood donation units and dialysis units. All units are exclusively designed and custom made for optimum performance through a long period of time. The EIN Gulf Lamboo mobile units employ technology as used in aircrafts, that makes the vehicle more durable, easy to run, efficient and easy to maintain.

Dr. Wajdi in Sabah Al Arabiya: “The featured mobile unit will travel through the Gulf for two years, offering free breast cancer screening. With a special focus on women’s health, EIN Gulf Lamboo and Siemens Healthcare have combined their innovative strengths in constructing the Middle East edition of a mobile breast cancer screening unit. This unit is equipped with the latest Siemens state-of-the-art products for mammography unit and a multi-use breast volume ultrasound system. EIN Gulf Lamboo applies best practice in program management, which in Europe resulted in up to 30% reduction of mortality through mobile concepts for breast cancer screening”.

EIN Gulf Lamboo is committed to make its knowledge and expertise available throughout the Middle East, in order to increase performance in prevention program and accessibly of treatment.