30 percent children have chest-related problems

At least 30 percent of the cases at Al Sadd Pediatric Emergency Centre are chest- related allergy, according to an expert.

“We are receiving an increasing number of seasonal flu cases, since the temperature started decreasing,” Dr Khalid Al Ansari, Director of the PEC, told a local daily.

“From an average 1,000 cases each day, we now receive 1,500 cases daily. Majority are seasonal flu and chest allergies. Some 30 percent of the children turn up with chest related allergies, which, if left untreated can lead to asthma,” he said.

“Parents should take special care if their children lack immunity. Lack of immunity can be because of heriditary reasons or due to some medication or diseases.”

PEC also receives H1N1 influenza cases on daily basis. “These are not serious and hence the patients are treated and discharged. The current seasonal flu vaccination can provide protection against H1N1 and hence is highly recommended.”

However, 60 to 70 percent of the cases at the PEC are not emergency cases and hence can be taken to other health centers.

To ease the burden on the PEC, a new satellite centre is planned in Al Daain to serve Qataris and expatriate population in the northern parts of the country including Al Khor, Al Khartiyat, Duhail, Al Gharafa, Umm Salal Ali and Umm Salal Mohammed.

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