60% of Kuwait’s ‘disabled’ used forged documents – Kuwait Times

KUWAIT: The benefits given to disabled people as a result of the recently passed disability legislation could lead to more people feigning disability in an attempt to take advantage of the law, according to a senior official. Suad Al-Mutairi, the former Assistant Director of the Supreme Council for the Disabled, further controversially alleged that unofficial reports indicate that 60 percent of those currently registered as disabled have used forged documents to obtain their certification.

Al-Mutairi warned that this percentage was likely to increase following the introduction of the new legislation. Such certification can be easily forged, he stated, calling for the creation of a committee to study applications by those wishing to register themselves as disabled and to carry out investigations to determine applicants’ eligibility.

Urging a reshuffle of the officials responsible for dealing with disability-related issues, Al-Mutairi alleged that most of those working in disability care offices have unlawfully registered themselves as disabled in order to benefit from the attendant allowances, including social support, disability grants, reduced working hours and improved housing loans.

Al-Mutairi proposed that both Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti disabled residents should be eligible to benefit from the new legislation, reported Al-Watan. He also condemned the new law’s lack of care for those with psychological disabilities, who require special care.

Meanwhile, since the start of the school year, the Ministry of Education has provided kindergarten and elementary schools with all required medical equipment. They have worked in cooperation with the Ministry of Health in order to prepare them for many health challenges, especially the swine flu threat, reported Al-Qabas.

So far, the ministry has been successful in preventing the virus from spreading in schools. They have taken precautionary measures to equip kindergartens and elementary schools with clinics and additional nursing staff. They have also deployed similar methods in intermediate and secondary stage schools.

Ministry Undersecretary, Tamadher Al-Sadairawi, asserted that clinics are fully prepared as are all kindergarten and elementary schools. Deputy Assistant for Public Education, Muna Al-Lughani, said that cooperation and proper coordination enabled them to successfully prevent the spread of the disease in schools.

Ministry Deputy Assistant for Qualitative Education, Mohammad Al-Kandari, noted that there will be no further delay for schools with special needs. He stated that all of the schools are fully equipped with the necessary medical preparations to enable them to start of the school year.