ACRO responds to government report on FDA’s Overseas Offices

The Association of Clinical Research Organizations, which represents the global CRO industry, issued the following statement in response to the Government Accountability Office’s report on the Food and Drug Administration’s Overseas Offices.

“The members of ACRO conduct ethical, high-quality clinical research in more than 115 countries,” said Doug Peddicord, Ph.D., Executive Director.

“A strong global regulatory regime is imperative to maintain confidence in this important research and the world looks to the U.S. FDA as the leading regulatory authority. For these reasons, ACRO this year has been advocating for increased appropriations for the FDA’s Office of International Programs.

Congress must provide the OIP with additional resources so it may carry out its critical role in overseeing foreign clinical trials, as well as its responsibilities to ensure the safety of imported drugs and food.”

SOURCE Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO)

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