ADM orders construction contractors to adhere to environmental ‘&’ public health standards

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has issued a circular to all companies and entities engaged in the construction of buildings and infrastructure to adhere to the standards of public health, safety and environment.

This Circular comes in the context of the strategy the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City aimed to maintain the modern profile of the city ‘&’ healthy environment of the community, and stress the importance of cleaning roads and pavements bordering construction sites of buildings and infrastructure projects.

For his part, engineer Salah Awad Al Sarraj, Acting Executive Director of Urban Planning Division, said: thes decision bliges public contracting companies working at construction and building sites with entries overlooking main or sub streets to take necessary precautions to maintain the cleanliness of the asphalt roads and sidewalks by building paved entry routes to ensure the cleanliness of roads during the entry ‘&’ exit of vehicles at construction sites, and avoid arousing dust that pollutes the environment and harms the public health.”

Under this circular, companies are bound to take necessary measures to ensure that no concrete objects fall on roads from vehicles shuttling to and from construction sites by setting up devices to contain the falling concrete and cement elements.

“Companies should set certain sites within the perimeters of building ‘&’ construction projects to clean and wash their vehicles, machinery and concrete plant, place appropriate safety signs thereon, and ensure that the discharge process of waste containers is carried out regularly to prevent accumulation of waste from these sites and provide the necessary guidance and training on safety procedures to all employees”, added Al Sarraj.

“Construction companies should also install a hydraulic washing system to clean tires of vehicles and plants before leaving the construction site ‘&’ hit the road, set in place a work procedure and provide necessary equipment to remove the damage caused by construction works.

They have also to transport and remove all concrete waste and other materials regularly from the streets and pavements affected by building and construction works, and rehabilitee the impacted spots and ensure that the public hygiene in the locality is well maintained, he continued.


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