Application now provides access to MyGlucoHealth diabetes management system from Nokia mobile phones worldwide

An application has been launched to provide access to the MyGlucoHealth diabetes management system from Nokia mobile phones worldwide.

The application is the result of a partnership between Nokia and Entra Health, which developed the MyGlucoHealth wireless meter and portal.

It allows allows Nokia users to upload and manage blood glucose readings through the portal. They can review and evaluate results on their handset, and also enter weight, exercise and nutritional information.

The application can also notify family, doctors or caregivers when results exceed personally established threshold limits. And users can send and receive secure messages from their physician.

John Hendel, chairman of Entra Health Systems, said: “Distributing the MyGlucoHealth diabetes app via Ovi Store for Nokia users will strengthen our ability to provide more effective mHealth offerings worldwide.

“We believe that MyGlucoHealth together with Nokia handsets offers a unique and far-reaching solution for connecting patients with clinicians, family and caregivers.”

The app has already been test marketed. Within four weeks, it was downloaded 40,000 times by Nokia users in 130 countries.

The MyGlucoHealth Mobile App is available for free from the Ovi Store  (