CAP meeting to highlight medical diagnostic procedures

New science in cancer, genetic testing, molecular diagnostics, medical ethics, and gender-based disorders will be featured topics when nearly 1,200 pathologists gather at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on September 26 – 29 for the annual scientific meeting of the College of American Pathologists (CAP). CAP ’10 – The Pathologists’ Meeting™ will highlight advances in anatomic and clinical pathology with a special focus on gender-based disorders, including male pathology issues such as infertility, testicular tumors, and prostate cancer.

“When it comes to medical diagnostics, one size does not fit all,” said CAP President Stephen N. Bauer, MD, FCAP. “The most effective treatment options are based on appropriate testing, accurate diagnosis, and a team approach to patient care – one that includes the pathologist. As the doctors who determine the right tests for the patient, pathologists want to keep current on the new diagnostic procedures that can enhance patient care.”

The CAP has released a list of its CAP ’10 “Hot Topics” at Among the highlights are these education sessions:
‧ PSA Testing: Is routine screening for prostate cancer necessary?
‧ The ethical implications of genetic testing for Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, children’s disorders, and certain types of cancer
‧ Testing for male infertility and advances in assisted reproductive technologies
‧ Ovarian cancer diagnosis and breast pathology
‧ Screening tests and accurate diagnosis of Celiac disease

Abstracts Program Showcases Original Research By Junior CAP Members
As part of its competitive Abstracts Program, the CAP selected five scientific posters submitted by Junior members to achieve special recognition for outstanding original research. Submissions are evaluated by editors from the Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. This year’s winning abstracts cover scientific topics ranging from better identification of respiratory viruses to a type of testing that could lead to better prognostic information for patients with colon cancer.

Local Chicago High School Students Honored For Excellence in Science
Additionally, the CAP is honoring six of the best and brightest high school science students in Chicago through its “Path to the Future in Medicine” program. As part of this program, the students were invited to display their winning projects at CAP ’10. In addition, they will have the opportunity to tour the CAP ’10 meeting and discuss possible careers in medicine and science, as well as general science issues, with a select group of pathologists and residents.

The students, who competed at the 60th annual Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair in March, were judged for excellence in five areas: creativity, scientific thought, attention to detail, skill, and clarity.

Source : College of American Pathologists

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