Cellular-Based Tele-Health Suite(TM) developed by Medical Care Technologies

Medical Care Technologies Inc. has begun to develop a secure Cellular-Based Tele-Health Suite™ that enables users to easily transmit vital signs data via the cellular network, to healthcare professionals utilizing the Medsuite™ application. Tele-Health Suite™ is a provision of healthcare services using telecommunication technology to provide healthcare solutions over a geographic distance.

Cellular access to Tele-Health Suite allows patients to keep their health regime intact, while being mobile at the same time. Mobile phone usage has been accelerating at a rapid rate in recent years in China. The nation hit the 400 million subscriber mark in February 2006; it then took 16 months to top the 500 million mark in June 2007 and another 12 months to reach the 600 million mark. Currently, China has over 700 million mobile phone users in its cellular network.

The healthcare market slowly changes from a traditional healthcare system to a more modern electronic healthcare system, that utilizes technology through increased usage of electronic health systems like Tele-Health Suite™. With this there will be a limited need for the hospitalization and physical movement of patients as well as enriched health system service coverage. Tele-Health Suite™ will ultimately decrease hospital visits, thereby decreasing the overall cost of healthcare expenditure according to Ning Wu, president of Medical Care Technologies.

Telehealth through cellular networks is going to be an important component of the modern healthcare system and will decrease pressure on the existing healthcare infrastructure. The Chinese market will witness substantial growth in the near future as a result of an increasing population, increase in life expectancy, increasing per capita income, and the substantial increase in Internet and cellular phone penetration in China.

source:  www.ehealthonline.org