ClinTec International launches the first Global Academy of Clinical Research Excellence (ACRE)

ClinTec International, the global clinical research organisation, with offices located in over 40 countries, announces the opening of its Global Academy of Clinical Research Excellence “ACRE”, at the 2010 PABME (Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Middle East) conference in Dubai, UAE.

The ACRE training courses which have been accredited by the Dubai Health Authority have admitted the first students for training in ICH-GCP. The academy is set to provide the MENA region with a significant resource for training and educating professionals in clinical research techniques, methods and practices. The academy’s mission is to accelerate knowledge growth and to increase the level and quality of clinical research carried out in Middle East.

ClinTec has individually recruited and selected the academy’s staff. With plans to roll-out academies in other emerging markets such as India, China and Latin America, staff at ACRE have been selected for their local knowledge and understanding of the local clinical research market and its specific needs.

CEO for Medical practices and Licenses, Ministry of Health UAE, Dr. Amin Al Amiri commented: “Education plays the most important role in the development of any country. Training and education in research is of paramount importance to the United Arab Emirates. One of the most effective ways to make clinical research more meaningful is by having a thorough knowledge of the processes and procedures involved in research. Developing the capacity of the investigators and all involved in research to understand the full implications of the international standards required in conducting clinical research in this region can be complex, ambiguous and challenging. Therefore it is important to undergo rigorous training and direct instruction. Cultivating a learning culture is imperative for professional success and the benefits of being involved in research include professional advancement. The more informed we are, the more qualified our decisions can be. Training initiatives such as ClinTec’s Academy of Clinical Research Excellence play an important role in the development of our region and are very welcome”.
Dr Rabinder Buttar, CEO of ClinTec International commented: “A major healthcare challenge in the MENA region has been the capacity to develop the knowledge of local investigators to levels in which they fully understand the complex nuances required in international clinical trials. The most effective way to make clinical research more meaningful is to have a thorough knowledge of the processes and procedures involved in research. Our experience has shown that cultivating a learning curve is imperative for professional success.”

Dr Buttar added: “Imparting and sharing knowledge is an important part of our collaboration with the clinical research industry. As we step into an era that demands accelerated knowledge growth, our focus is to educate, train and empower the clinical research professionals in the emerging markets. ClinTec addresses this need through the establishment of its global Academy of Clinical Research Excellence (ACRE) by running certified training courses which will address all the main principles of the International Guidelines on Good Clinical Practice. We believe that imparting knowledge helps us to have a unique bond with the clinical research industry”

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