CSC wins Danish adverse incidents deal

CSC has signed a major contract with the Danish National Board of Health to provide a national adverse incident system to allow patients and professionals to report adverse events encountered across the entire health service.

The contract, which was signed following an EU tender, will replace the current patient safety reporting system which only covers patient safety reporting across secondary care.

The web based system, will allow citizens, patients and healthcare professionals across primary and secondary care to enter information into the system in order to report problems they experience within the Danish health service.

Freddy Lykke, managing director of CSC Scandinavia, told E-Health Europe: “Everyone that is providing care and receiving care is providing this information, which enables it to be entered by one and then checked and cross checked by a number of others.

“So, if a patient received the wrong medicine and reported this, then the pharmacist who gave them their medication would also provide input to the system.”

The system called Risk Monitor Pro, has been developed by CSC’s partners rL solutions, who already provide the system to more than 600 clients worldwide.

However, Denmark’s National Board of Health will be the first European customer to go-live with the system in the summer.

The software also supports the examination of reported information that is reported within the system, which is then monitored and reviewed at locally, regional and at a national level.

It includes simple statistical reporting and automatic generation of different types of reports, such as types, locations and time periods when specific events occurred.

Len Georgiou, vice president of global sales for rL solutions told EHE: “The importance is around looking at trends in analysis to identify gaps across all sectors.

“The analytics part is a big factor in understanding where things go wrong. It’s about getting behind the causes of what happens and working to prevent it.”

Under the partnership, CSC will also act as the system’s integrator for the product across other European countries.