Diabetes and Cancer Linked – Biomedical Scientists

A team of biomedical scientists based have linked diabetes with cancer in women.

They suggest that female patients with type 2 diabetes have up to a 25 per cent increased risk of developing cancer than those without the condition, the Daily Mail reports.

According to NHS figures, around 2.3 million people have diabetes in the UK and there are at least half a million more who suffer from it and are not aware.

For the purposes of their study, the experts monitored 17,000 people.

Women were found to be particularly more at risk of developing colon and genital organ cancers.

In contrast, diabetic men were found to be less likely to develop prostate cancer, meaning there was no rise in their overall cancer risk when they were compared with healthy individuals.

Diabetes occurs in people whose bodies are unable to break down glucose into energy.

Written by James Puckle for http://www.mediplacements.com/ courtesy Media Placements