Don’t forget, celery helps the memory

IT’s a staple ingredient of soups and has been a favourite food of dieters for years because it is so low in calories.
But celery is also crucial to mental health, according to US researchers who believe it can help prevent memory loss.

Scientists in Illinois found older mice fed on a diet rich in luteolin – a substance found in celery, capsicum peppers and peppermint – fared better in memory tests than mice which were not given luteolin-rich foods.

Professor Rodney Johnson says luteolin helps prevent age-related inflammation of the brain – which has been shown to be linked to memory loss.

Carina Norris, independent nutritionist and author based in Fife, said: “It shows you food doesn’t have to be exotic or expensive to have exciting health properties.

You are better off spending your money on a range of healthy fruit and vegetables rather than concentrating on this week’s trendy superfood.

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