Dubai Health Authority is setting up plans to develop a Surgical skill Laboratory

The Khaleej Times reported that according to new rules planned by health officials, Dubai Health Authority is setting up plans to develop a surgical skills laboratory, where the surgeons or physicians working Dubai will be insisted to take a test before being granted licence to practice. Surgeons or physicians who fail to pass the test will be offered  extra training.Dr. Essa Kazim, CEO Health Policy and Strategy says that this has been meant to judge the surgical competency of any physician apart from paper work.  In addition the authorities want to know  if the surgeon has worked ‘solo’ or not.

According to the officials, the skills test is only a fraction of  an ample process to make more efficient and improve medical licencing, bringing it under the responsibility of the health authority.  Moreover, this is necessary to ensure patient safety and moreover to see if the surgeon or physicians  is fit to practise.  According to reports, until now 3,500 public and private sector physicians have been registered with the authority since the process began in 2008.