ECRI Institute Offers Free Educational Seminar on Top Ten Health Technology Hazards

ECRI Institute, (, an independent nonprofit that researches the best approaches to improving patient care, is offering a free educational seminar, “Top Ten Health Technology Hazards,” at Fraser Health’s Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia on Tuesday, March 30, 2010.

The seminar will focus on ECRI Institute’s new list of the top ten health technology hazards that should be on every hospital’s list of safety concerns for 2010. The list—updated annually based on problems reported to and investigated by ECRI Institute—includes detailed descriptions of these hazards and actionable steps for avoiding them.

 “Every healthcare provider organization worldwide should be developing self-sustaining networks of health technology safety champions,” says James P. Keller, Jr., vice president, health technology evaluation and safety, ECRI Institute. “To that end, this seminar equips hospital leadership with the knowledge and materials needed to lead focused, high-impact inititatives to prevent recurring patient safety hazards involving medical technology, such as radiation overdose and cross-contamination from flexible endoscopes.”  

 The seminar will also include information on best practices in safety and alert management. Seminar attendees will learn to identify and locate devices that pose risk, avoid common missteps in hazard and recall management, and establish executive buy-in for the alert process.  

 Speakers include:

  •  Marc Pelletier, Vice President of Clinical Operations, Fraser Health
  • Eric Sacks, Director, Healthcare Product Alerts, ECRI Institute
  • Maria Garrity, Supervisor, Alerts Tracker Customer Support and Training, ECRI Institute

This informational seminar is intended for hospital-based biomedical and clinical engineers, materials managers, risk managers, patient safety officers, and senior administrators. 

 For more information or to register, visit the Healthcare Technology Safety seminars web site, or contact ECRI Institute website.


About ECRI Institute
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