Electronic Reporting by use of Health IT is a key to Health Care Reform

The recently signed health care reform law (HR 3590) of United States, places a strong emphasis on using health IT and electronic health records for improving access, efficiency, transparency and quality of care.

The law calls for new and expanded electronic quality reporting by health care providers through the use of EHRs, health information exchanges and networks. The goal is to collect data to tie treatments and outcomes to payments.

The law also envisions a new national strategy for improved health care quality through:

  • Data collection;
  • Development of quality measures;
  • Public reporting; and
  • Reporting with an interagency working group.

In addition, the law includes provisions aimed at improving transparency and reducing fraud through the use of data collection and electronic reporting.

Under the law, HHS by 2014 is required to develop a template for online health insurance portals that states can use. HHS also is required to develop a rating system for health plans based on quality and price. The ratings will be posted on the state insurance exchanges.