First national meeting on health informatics held in Dubai

To complement Dubai’s developing healthcare sector, The British University in Dubai (BUiD), the Middle East’s leading research-based postgraduate university will host the first national meeting on health informatics, which will feature talks from well-known international researchers and practitioners, it was revealed today.
Taking place on 5 May, the symposium will address the importance of designing intelligent and efficient healthcare systems, and the integration of data from the various resources of medical information.

IT intelligence can be applied to all form of health informatics, which includes remote patient monitoring systems, intelligent beds for patients, operation devices for surgeries, health records and hospital information systems.

“The UAE is fast-becoming a leader in healthcare offerings, and BUiD is a firm supporter of this growth and vision. We welcome delegates joining us at the first national meeting of healthcare informatics, where they will gain excellent information on the various technologies and techniques used for intelligent healthcare systems,”

said Professor Abdulla Alshamsi, Vice-Chancellor, BUiD.

“Our aim is to help advance the development of key industries by hosting leading professionals from around the world to discuss issues and developments in certain sectors,” added Alshamsi.

The meeting will also highlight the progress reports of projects on healthcare systems supervised by researches from UAE and UK. Topics include the ‘Development of Technologies to Promote Patient Self-Care’, ‘Designing Information Systems for Context-Aware Collaboration in e-Health’, and ‘An Appropriate Model for Implementing Health Informatics in the Saudi Health Sector’, among others.

Admission to the ‘Health Informatics Symposium’ is free and the event is taking place from 9am-5pm on Wednesday, 5 May, at BUiD Auditorium, Block 11, Dubai International Academic City.