Four H1N1 fatalities reported

The number of H1N1 influenza-related deaths reached four since the reemergence of the disease earlier this month, an official source said on Monday.

The overall number of swine flu cases, including the deaths, stood at 19 since the first case was reported earlier this month, Health Ministry Spokesperson Hatem Azrui told The Jordan Times.

Health Minister Mahmoud Sheyyab said in a statement earlier in the day that five patients have completely recovered, while 10 others are still receiving treatment, five of whom were in “fair” conditions and were receiving treatment at home.

“The remaining five cases are being treated at the Kingdom’s hospitals,” he added.

The ministry is dealing with the reemerged disease in line with a national plan prepared by the National Committee for the Prevention of Epidemics, according to the ministry’s report made available to The Jordan Times.

Earlier Monday, Lower House’s Health Committee met Sheyyab, who briefed the lawmakers on the ministry’s procedures on swine flu, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, said.

The committee called on the ministry to hold workshops to raise awareness on the disease, while the minister called for a more effective media role in awareness.

Under the current treatment protocol, H1N1 patients who exhibit mild symptoms and do not fall under the higher risk categories are treated at home without anti-viral or medical tests, and their case will not be reported, according to the ministry.

Those who suffer from chronic diseases, pregnant women, children and the elderly fall under the higher risk category.

Sufficient quantities of Tamiflu, the anti-viral medicine prescribed for the treatment of H1N1, are available, according to the ministry.
Last year, 3,049 H1N1 cases were registered in the Kingdom with 16 swine flu-related fatalities. Over 45,000 people have been inoculated against the H1N1 virus since November 2009.

To curb any potential outbreak of H1N1, the ministry has urged people to take precautionary measures such as keeping their hands clean and washing them immediately after shaking hands, in addition to covering their mouths and noses with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

Laila Azzeh
Jordan Times

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