GE Healthcare awards USD1.0m contract to Eurotech for medical device accessory

GE_Healthcare_logoeuro-techNov 13, 2009 Provider of transformational medical technologies and services GE Healthcare has signed a contract with Eurotech Group, a supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, to provide the embedded computing platform, based on the TurboXb computer on module product, for a future data capture device accessory.
The multi-year contract is worth over USD1.0m for Eurotech.

With the Eurotech embedded board operating as the computing platform for device accessory, GE will reportedly be able to support medical staff in various healthcare environments. It is expected to deliver data to nursing staff for accurate and fast reporting.

The contract covers both hardware production units and engineering services centred on the TurboXb embedded computer from Eurotech that powers the GE Healthcare device accessory.