GE Healthcare Installs New Generation Wide-Bore MR System in Europe

PARIS, France — GE Healthcare announces the installation at Hospital Laennec, Creil, France, Europe’s first, wide-bore Optima MR450w. The new 1.5T MR system has a 70 cm wide bore that provides increased patient comfort as well as uncompromised imaging capabilities.

This new wide-bore MR system addresses patient demand for a better and more comfortable scanning experience. In particular, it accommodates patients who are usually difficult to scan, such as obese, claustrophobic, elderly or very young patients, or those who are in pain and require a larger imaging system. Additionally, GE Healthcare’s Optima MR450w, combining next-generation clinical applications and a full 50 cm field of view, enables users to reduce exam time and scan large anatomies with fewer scans, compared to previous generation systems. It results in higher patient throughput and satisfaction, and reduced study time.

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“The installation of this new MRI system at our hospital allows us to increase patient access to diagnostic imaging for more patients in our region. Not only because we will be able to scan up to 90 patients per day thanks to our two systems, but also because many of the technological innovations of the Optima MR450w will shorten exam time and offer patients a more comfortable MRI experience. With a 70 cm wide-bore, this new system is particularly adapted for obese and claustrophobic patients, children and patients in pain. For instance, at our site, we scan many oncology patients. Inside the wide bore, we’ll be able to minimize the pain caused by their disease. The result will be an improved MRI experience for both patients and technologists,” said Jean-Marc Pinon, manager at the MRI/CT department. “Besides, all our radiologists are very satisfied by the quality of the first clinical images obtained with this system.” concluded Pinon.

For an MR system, a 70 cm wide-bore is ideal for patient comfort and adapting to varying needs; however, until now, wide-bore MR has been challenged to maintain image quality and productivity, comparable to that of smaller-bore systems. Built on a fully redesigned MR platform, the Optima MR450w offers powerful applications that improve usability and provide the following features:
– Condition-Specific Features: Advanced anatomy-optimized capabilities for unmatched breast imaging, two-station whole-spine imaging, more flexibility for MSK imaging, optimized cardiovascular imaging and comprehensive liver assessment
– Redesigned Platform for Enhanced Image Quality: An exclusive optical RF system (OpTix) and a new 145-cm long magnet offer uniform tissue contrast and optimized MR signal for clean, crisp images

Patient-Centered Optimization: Exclusive removable table minimizes time between scans while productivity enhancements dramatically reduce time of MR studies

Optima MR450w is also backed by GE Healthcare’s Continuum promise to provide customers peace of mind in avoiding obsolescence.

“While the economy has slowed innovations elsewhere, at GE Healthcare we are very pleased to continue to invest in the development and delivery of leading-edge solutions to our customers,” said Stefano Vagliani, general manager, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, GE Healthcare Europe, Middle East and Africa. “The Optima MR450w further strengthens our MR portfolio, providing healthcare access to a larger group of patients. This new technology milestone will aim to deliver higher diagnostic capabilities, improved workflow and superior patient comfort, and it will expand the role of MR to new clinical applications.

France is the first country in Europe to receive GE’s latest wide-bore MR system, and we are scheduled to install more than 20 units by the end of summer across Europe, a great milestone for the coming months.”

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