Halt Medical Receives Canadian License For Fibroid Treatment Device

Halt Medical, Inc. announced that it has been approved to market the Tulip™ Radiofrequency Volumetric Thermal Ablation (RFVTA) probe in Canada.

“The license we just received from Health Canada brings us an important step closer to our goal of making our uterine sparing procedure available to the millions of women in North America who suffer with uterine fibroids”, said Russ DeLonzor, President and COO of Halt Medical.

“The approvals we’ve now received from Canada and the European Union for general use and for treating uterine fibroids, plus our recent clearance by the FDA to market our products for general surgical use (not specifically indicated for fibroids) in the United States has us well positioned to bring our solutions to most of the major global markets in the near future”, said DeLonzor.

Source: Halt Medical, Inc

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