HMC staff train in management

The Human Resources Department at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently held a ceremony to mark the graduation of 18 Qatari staff members who had completed a one-year programme in Executive Management.

The programme was organised by the Chartered Management Institute, a leading educational institution engaged in the development of leadership and administrative skills in the United Kingdom. This diploma is rated at level 7 on an 8-level scale of the British Educational System.

The course was the first in a series of programmes intended for the development of intermediate management skills for Qatari staff in areas like nursing, pharmacy, dietetics, occupational therapy, laboratory, medical emergency, radiology, and obstetrics and gynaecology.

The programme comprises six training semesters or units which encompass 22 managerial skills. Trainees receive theoretical and hands-on training in their respective domains. There are intervals between training units during which they have to submit work papers specifying the skills that they had learned for workplace implementation.

Enas Malkawy, the training manager and currently the Assistant HR Executive Director- Learning and Development at HMC’s HR Department, said that the programme is a condensed training course where the content takes the form of a mixture of presentations, group setting exercises, teaching videos, as well as independent research done by the trainees during the break between training units.

Upon completion, participants qualify for Level -7 executive Diplomas in Management and membership of the Chartered Management Institute. Graduates can register for further studies to become a Chartered Manager.

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