Ice cream: A New Medicine To Combat Cancer

ice-creamScientists in New Zealand are developing an ice cream that can combat side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. This ‘medical dessert’ is being formulated by the researchers at the University of Auckland in conjunction with Fonterra, the largest dairy exporter in New Zealand.

Called ‘ReCharge’, this strawberry flavoured ice cream contains two key bioactive ingredients found in milk that is known to benefit cancer patients. These ingredients assist patients in coping with the side effects of chemotherapy. Just 100 grams of this ice cream provides equivalent quantity of this special ingredient as in 24 litres of milk, thereby easing consumption for cancer patients.

For patients, consuming this tasty ice cream is much easier than gulping down pills that predominantly cause fatigue, nausea, tingling of the sensation of the tongue, and other bigger symptoms like stomach cramping, bloating and diarrhoea.

Dr-Jeremy-Hill-at-FonterraSays Dr. Jeremy Hill, the chief technology officer at Fonterra, “We chose ice cream because it is an easily palatable food. It was one that we could put the enriched components in a very high concentration and deliver it to people who actually find it difficult to consume food during the treatment”.

This strawberry dessert has already worked on mice and is now being tested on human participants. Patients participating in the clinical trial are already consuming a tub of 100gm everyday. Whether or not scientists taste success through this treatment will be known only next year.

Snigdha Taduri

Snigdha Taduri

Article by Snigdha Taduri for Biomed Middle East