Interactivation Health Networks Acquires iVillage’s Patient Channel and Newborn Channel

Interactivation Health Networks has announced that it has acquired The Patient Channel and The Newborn Channel from iVillage, a division of NBC Universal.

The Patient Channel and The Newborn Channel are the most comprehensive in-hospital TV networks. Delivered directly to patient rooms and waiting areas, the Channels provide viewers with original, award-winning health programs and advertisers with the unique ability to integrate brand messaging with content that is compelling and endorsed by healthcare professionals. The Newborn Channel broadcasts baby care and postpartum programming for new parents, reaching 60% of new moms. The Patient Channel features both condition-specific and preventative health programming to empower and inform patients. The channels are currently available in over 2,700 hospitals nationwide.

“Health-related content has been an important part of our cable television programming and we’re delighted to add both networks to our media properties along with the terrific team of professionals who manage, program and operate them,” said Matthew Davidge, President of Interactivation, the parent company of Interactivation Health Networks.

“While iVillage is still very committed to the health category, our focus is to grow our core online and mobile women’s audience,” said Jodi Kahn, EVP of iVillage. “Therefore, we determined that The Patient Channel and The Newborn Channel would be better aligned with Interactivation, which is committed to building businesses with non-traditional TV distribution models.”

This is the third acquisition in 18 months for Interactivation, which acquired Video-on-Demand (VOD) networks Mag Rack in 2008 and Concert TV in 2009. Financial terms of the sale were not disclosed.