iPad Applications now used to Explain Procedures to Patients

Two hospitals are piloting new applications for Apple’s iPad tablet computer that aim to help patients and their families better understand common medical procedures, the Orlando Business Journal reports.

Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children and St. Luke’s Health System in Idaho are running pilot programs with customized versions of Unity Medical’s Medical Video jLog application.

Florida Hospital’s application features five animated video sequences that last for two to four minutes. The application also includes an interactive question and answer feature designed to help children prepare for a CT scan. Unity Medical soon will add a similar application for MRIs.

St. Luke’s pilot project initially will include more than 20 programs with content for patients undergoing heart and vascular procedures, as well as those taking part in physical rehabilitation programs.

Patients will be able to view videos and patient testimonials on iPads in the hospital or download the content from home.

source: Orlando Business Journal