Medical experts discuss patients’ rights

Medical specialists are gathering Wednesday at the King Fahd Medical City to discuss patients’ rights in a forum held under the banner “The Reality of Patients’ Rights and Future Outlooks”.

“Patient rights are one of the cornerstones for the provision of medical services,” said Abdullah Al-Umru, director general of King Fahd Medical City. “Awareness of the issue helps to improve services and the safety of the patient, as well as laying out the relationship between doctor and patient. They serve to protect the rights of both patient and the team charged with patient care.”

He said that rules governing patient rights were also an “important part of conditions set at hospitals and health organizations” and an important part of the “quality process”.

“A host of specialists are taking part in the meeting and they’ll be focusing on health law and its relationship to patient rights and the patient’s own awareness of his rights and commitment to duties and responsibilities,” he said. “The final session of the meeting will focus on the role of civil groups in promoting awareness of patient rights, duties and responsibilities.”

He said the gathering would help to improve performance and form a
knowledge base of service to both specialists and non-specialists alike.

“A lot of extremely experienced people in senior positions are involved and will be able to lend considerable knowledge in health administration areas,” he said.

Saudi Gazette

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