Nano-technology will play an important role in healthcare treatment

Punjab Governor Shivraj V. Patil, while presiding over the 50th Annual Conference of National Academy of Medical Sciences (India), said that Nano-technology will play an important role in healthcare treatment as it can monitor heart function as cellular level to help physician in timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

He said that technologies can immensely help the healthcare system and he made a point about the importance of innovations and the needs of synergy between the researchers and medical professionals to propose effective and affordable healthcare.

He said that the heads of the medical institutions should have meeting with the directors of scientific and research institutions like CSIO, to get their latest know-how regarding the research so that it can be used in their medical professional to provide better and timely health services to the people.

Patil also advocated the need for restructuring and integrating our healthcare network, for ensuring quality health services to poor and needy people. He said we have a vast healthcare infrastructure and we need to consolidate our programmes and support system to deliver effective and affordable medical care to our citizens.

He said that the dream of the evaluation of a new India could be realized only if our people get timely treatment and medical assistance.

Appreciating the objectives of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, promotion of knowledge of medical sciences in India and its practical application towards the problems of national welfare, Mr. Patil said that the need of the hour is to secure coordination between medical and other scientific academics, societies, associations institutions and government medical and scientific departments and services.

He said that alongwith allopathy, other pathies like ayurveda, unani should also be considered to provide better health services. He said that every pathy has some specialization and we should make use of those specialization.

Patil said that the stimulating thoughts emerging from fruitful discussions and deliberations during this conference would be proved useful for the participants to achieve excellence in their respective fields.

Giving awards of travel grants to senior scientists for their outstanding contribution would certainly help them to visit centres of excellence to improve their knowledge and skills.

Patil said that such Annual Conferences will contribute to benefit the medical colleges of Punjab and also helps in promoting knowledge of medical sciences in India.

The Government of India has recognized the national academy of medical sciences (India) as nodal agencies for contributing education for medical and allied health professionals and also helps in advising the Government of India in several matters of national health policy and planning.

Patil said National Academy of Medical Sciences has made concerted efforts to improve the outreach of CME Programme by establishing tele-linkages between medical colleges so that more medical colleges can participate. Mr. Patil said that private medical collage should reserve seats for the poor students also.

Patil also presented roles of honours and awards to meritorious doctors who excelled in various fields of medical sciences. He also presented medals to orators.

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