New oncology training program for registered nurses in Ghana

The National Cancer Coalition (NCC) and the Ghana based organization Breast Care International (BCI) are pleased to announce the successful implementation of their oncology training program for registered nurses in Ghana. The program was officially sponsored by the US headquartered Johnson & Johnson and focuses on early detection of breast and cervical cancers for improved survival outcomes.

Ghanaian Vice President John Dramani Mahama met with BCI’s Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addai and NCC’s Senior Vice President Tom Roane to discuss the oncology training program, as well as the coalition’s medicine donations to Ghana which have exceeded $20 million since NCC and BCI signed an official Memorandum of Understanding in July 2009, with the goal to increase Ghana’s access to modern specialty medicines and healthcare technologies. The Vice President lauded the efforts of NCC and BCI in helping to develop real solutions to the meet the country’s healthcare needs.

The three day training entitled “Oncology Training for Registered Nurses in Ghana” was recently hosted at Breast Cancer International’s headquarters in Kumasi. The seminars were attended by RNs who work throughout Ghana, a developing country of 24 million people, where oncology training has not been a reality for most of its nurses.

NCC President Robert Landry stated, “National Cancer Coalition is pleased that our program with Breast Care International is leading to greater cancer resources for Ghana. We thank Johnson & Johnson for its support of this important training program, which complements the NCC medicine access programs through which NCC and BCI assist underserved Ghanaian patients.”

SOURCE National Cancer Coalition

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