New travel healthcare firm in Dubai to hire 1,500

The newly launched preventive and travel healthcare company in Dubai Glosanté will invest Dh367 million ($100m) and hire around 1,500 staff to expand its operations in other countries over the next few years, said a senior official.

“The plan is to open branches in 19 countries overall but in the next two years the target is to have 52 offices in 15 countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa. We’ll need roughly 1,500 people by the end of 2016 of which 40 per cent will be doctors and the rest will be nurses and other support staff,” said Raman Sodhi, CEO of Glosanté – the Dubai-based new preventive and travel healthcare company.medical-devices

In the UAE, the company will be looking to open three to four such clinics for which it will be hiring 80 staff, Sodhi told ‘Emirates24l7’ in an interview.

He said the first office in Dubai is operational in Wafi City and more will be opened across the UAE.

In 2015, Glosanté clinics will open in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, while across the Middle East and Asia it will have its presence in Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Philippines and Algeria.

Sodhi said many countries require that travellers receive specific vaccinations before arrival to prevent infectious medical conditions.

“We help travellers with preventive care for travel, coping with health conditions and administration of specific vaccinations if any, prior to travel. We aim to capture 15-20 per cent of travel healthcare market in major cities wherever we will be present.”

He said in addition to travel healthcare, the company will also offer preventive healthcare services to general public and in certain countries or geographies specialty services in case of requirement.

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