ONC shall survey consumers on privacy of personal clinical data

The Office of the National Coordinator(ONC), United States- for Health IT plans to conduct a nationwide survey of public opinion about electronic health information exchange and the privacy and security of personal data that is shared.

“Little is known about individuals’ attitudes toward health information exchange and the extent to which they are interested in determining by whom and how their health information is shared,” according to a recent announcement by the Health and Human Services Department.

 ONC hopes to collect about 25,000 responses over eight weeks. After analyzing the data, ONC will prepare and post a report and conduct an online presentation about its results. The data will inform ONC programs and policy. Health information exchange promises improved health care quality, safety, and efficiency by delivering to providers up-to-date patient data at the point of care.

Health IT and information exchange may also offer individuals new and more effective methods to engage with their providers and affect how their health information may be exchanged.