Oni Medical sells MRI technology platform to GE Healthcare

onimriNov 20, 2009 Oni Medical Systems has successfully closed the sale of its magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI technology platform to the GE Healthcare.

With the purchase of Oni’s high performance, low-cost dedicated purpose MRI technology, GE Healthcare is expanding its product line of comprehensive healthcare solutions to enhance its customers’ ability to deliver patient-centered healthcare.

Peter Pellerito, president and CEO of Oni, said: “Over the past several years, we focused our efforts on driving change in the dynamics of MRI delivery. As a result, we have successfully developed and commercialized a small footprint MRI platform that cost effectively addresses the new economics in healthcare delivery.

“The team at Oni has worked very hard to get to this point and we could not have accomplished all that we did without the founding vision of Bob Kwolyk and Pete Roemer and the dedication of the entire Oni team.”