Online patient-physician consultations sponsored by American Well

American Well, a Boston-based vendor of software to support online patient-physician consultations generally sponsored by health insurers, has expanded the ways its services can be used.

The new Team Edition product of American Well’s flagship Online Care system enables primary care physicians and patients during an office visit to conduct a real-time consultation with a remote specialist. The Hawaii Medical Service Association, the state’s Blues plan, was an early adopter of patient-physician consultations and is the first insurer to offer the specialty care feature.

The new Online Medical Home product enables primary care physicians to act as the coordinator of patients who need care from multiple providers. Clinician team members can review patient data including transcripts of previous consultations, post their notes and guidance into the patient’s collaborative chart, and collaborate via live audio/video hookups, according to the vendor.

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 About American Well
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, American Well was founded in 2006 by Drs. Roy and Ido Schoenberg, and is the founders’ third venture in the healthcare technology field. The founders, together with their executive management team, have successfully built and implemented large-scale, mission-critical enterprise solutions for healthcare consumers, providers, and payers in both US and international markets.
American Well Online Care, allows consumers to connect with physicians on demand whenever they have a health need, from their home or office