Phenomenon of Smoking Haunts the Society Saudi Health Ministry

Translated from Article by Sulaiman Al-boy Secretary-General of the Anti-Smoking Society

Become obsessed with the phenomenon of smoking haunts the society, caused by the effects of health, economic and social studies confirmed that smoking is is causing many diseases effecting Calcrtanat, heart, and lung and can also cause infertility in smokers. socially isolated because of odors emanating from them, and impaired non-smokers or diseases caused by As a result of passive smoking effects of smoking, the economic statistics have pointed out Saudi Arabia issued by the Customs Department that tobacco imports to the Kingdom amounted to (10) billion riyals, and material losses for the treatment of diseases caused by smoking has been reached (5) billion riyals, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, and the loss of fire The 6296 incidents in the last three years, according to statistics of civil defense.

In spite of the bad effects of smoking on the environment and rights, the anti-smoking efforts are still below the required level, alas, that the value of cigarettes in the UK are encouraged to smoke as an estimated value of $ 1.47, representing a quarter of the sale price of cigarettes in the state tobacco-producing crude oil and manufacturers of cigarettes like America, where price of the box costs $ 4.41, Italy 4.9, France 6.8 U.S. dollars. These statistics are alarming, and invites us to think hard to find a way out of this disaster that threatens human and economic resources, I believe that this issue can be resolved and therapeutic rehabilitation programs only, but must force the laws and legislation outlawing all smoking from the deal, experience has shown that the orders and decisions which is not accompanied by laws and regulations continue to be locked drawers and it does not taste it or color.

A lot of people read and keep the word “no smoking” but nevertheless insists on smoking in public places, not caring about others who hate smoking do like these awareness programs benefit them or are in need of legislation to deter, and once said Osman may Allah be pleased with him “God Sultan Ezg not Ezg the Koran. ”

Some States that have laws banning smoking in indoor public and especially in restaurants, in cafes such as Ireland (2004) and then Norway has achieved great success in protecting its citizens from the dangers of smoking, and followed then by other countries such as Uruguay, Italy, and people in Canada, Australia and the United States were protected from the smoke of others under the state or local legislation to prevent smoking. The experience of Uruguay, and others can be of any State or a legal service, regardless of the level of resources to prevent smoking is strictly prohibited and achieve significant results in the campaign against smoking.

You hav

e done well by issuing Kingdom for a group of royal decrees to ban smoking in public places, but many agencies did not respond to those decisions, and it became necessary to consider the Shura Council in the laws that limit this scourge, which drains the human and material resources and how much will be very pleased if the council to adopt binding legislation criminalizing all promoters of this scourge or use in public places, a transgressor of the rights of non-smokers.

Secretary-General of the Anti-Smoking Society
Sulaiman Al-boy