Physicians EMR solution by DELL

Together, Dell and participating hospitals are eliminating long-standing barriers to EMR adoption for small and medium medical practices: cost, complexity and interoperability. Dell’s Affiliated Physician EMR Solution lets hospitals sponsor their affiliated physicians with an EMR solution that is interoperable with the hospital’s own health information systems. The solution includes industry-leading EMR and practice management software, hardware systems, and a complete service and support portfolio. Financing options minimize physician up-front and out-of-pocket expenses until ARRA reimbursement starts.

Healthcare providers who adopt EMR and achieve “meaningful use” by 2011 are eligible to receive the maximum reimbursements of up to $44,000 in Medicare or $66,000 in Medicaid from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Reimbursements decline every year thereafter until 2015. Physicians who do not achieve meaningful use by 2015 risk Medicare and Medicaid penalties.

While many hospitals offer their affiliated physicians “access” to the hospitals’ health information systems, this still doesn’t manage the totality of patient care. In order for true coordinated care to exist, physicians and their patients must be connected with hospitals before admission. By sponsoring this EMR program, your hospital will be building this connection. Together with Dell, your hospital plays a pivotal role in supporting physicians with the ability to accelerate the use of health information technology, improve patient safety, and reduce healthcare costs.  
Affiliated Physicians:
The question isn’t if you’re going to transition to electronic medical records (EMR). It’s when. But, faced with all of the decisions and regulations, getting from here to there can seem daunting. That’s where Dell comes in. Dell has created a comprehensive solution that simplifies EMR adoption and management, allowing you to focus on your mission of improving patient care.