Shady Grove Fertility Doctors Offer Nutritional Recommendations For Fertility Patients During National Nutrition Month

During National Nutrition Month, doctors at Shady Grove Fertility Center want their patients to know that sound nutrition and the right dietary supplements are very important when preparing to undergo fertility treatment. They recommend a pre-natal vitamin, balanced diet, abstention from alcohol and limited caffeine intake for fertility patients and others hoping to conceive in the coming months.

“So often patients undergoing treatment for infertility feel like they are at the mercy of the medications and treatment options they’ve selected, but are powerless to do anything themselves to effect a positive outcome,” says Dr. Stephen Greenhouse, a reproductive endocrinologist with Shady Grove Fertility Center. “When it comes to nutrition, women who are hoping to get pregnant in the coming months can take active, specific steps right now to influence a more positive result for their future children.”

Doctors at Shady Grove Fertility Center make the following, specific nutritional recommendations for all patients pursuing fertility treatment:

— Take a standard pre-natal vitamin with at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily

— Limit caffeine intake

— Abstain from alcohol

— Maintain a healthy body weight through a well-balanced diet & exercise

“Women who make sound nutritional choices before they become pregnant have a much greater chance of having healthier, less complicated pregnancies and delivering healthier babies,” says Dr. Greenhouse.

Women who are generally healthy and have been unsuccessful in conceiving after several months of unprotected sex should consider getting help from a specialist. American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines recommend that women under the age of 35 consult with a fertility specialist after one year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, while those 35 or older should schedule a consultation after six months. For women over the age of 40, a consultation with a fertility specialist is highly recommended as soon as possible.

For more tips on preparing for a healthy pregnancy, please view Shady Grove Fertility’s Preconception Tips webcast hosted by Dr. Greenhouse. Those interested in learning more can also register for Shady Grove Fertility’s live webcast on Weight, Nutrition & Fertility scheduled for Thursday, March 24 at 7 p.m.

Source: Shady Grove Fertility Centers

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