SKMC to hold its Public Lecture on Obesity

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), managed by Cleveland Clinic, will hold its thirteenth monthly public lecture on Obesity under the title of “Walking Away from Obesity: Heart Consequences of Obesity” on Tuesday evening at the auditorium of SKMC.

The lecture will cover all essential topics in fighting obesity and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Solutions to eliminate obesity will be discussed. The lecture will be presented by Dr. Abdelrahman Nimeri, Director of the Bariatric ‘&’ Metabolic Institute – Abu Dhabi of SKMC and Dr. Abdul Razzak Alkaddour, Consultant Cardiology at SKMC’s Cardiac Sciences Institute.

The lecture is intended to raise awareness regarding the dangers of obesity and its effect on the heart. In addition, the physicians will explain the options of bariatric surgery and the results of each. No pre-registration is required to attend the presentation and the auditorium`s doors will be open starting from 04:30 pm.

“Obesity is one of the main risk factors for cardiac and vascular diseases. People should be aware of obesity dangers. It is not only the looks or size of the person that gets affected, but also the organs such as your heart. Our goal through such health talks and the collaboration between cardiology and our bariatric surgeons is to send a message to the community on how we can prevent cardiac diseases if we considered a healthy lifestyle and looked after our BMI,” Dr. Abdul Razzak Alkaddour said.


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