TB Alliance collaborates with Cyprotex for TB drug discovery

The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance) has chosen UK based drug discovery technology and information company Cyprotex to accelerate the discovery and development of new TB drugs.

Cyprotex and TB Alliance aim to discover TB drugs that will shorten treatment, be effective against susceptible and resistant strains, be compatible with antiretroviral therapies for those HIV-TB patients currently on such therapies, and improve treatment of latent infection.

Under the partnership, Cyprotex’s in-vitro and in silico ADME Tox technologies are expected to be utilised to help accelerate TB drug discovery.

Cyprotex’s Cloe Screen platform uses robotics and a sophisticated customised information management system which dramatically reduce the cost and time in generating data while ensuring high reproducibility.

Cyprotex said that by leveraging the in silico technologies under Cloe Predict, the TB Alliance has access to its PBPK and QSAR modeling, which uses proprietary software that integrates core ADME and physicochemical properties to predict whole-body pharmacokinetics (Cloe PK) or human intestinal absorption (Cloe HIA).

Cyprotex CEO Anthony Baxter said that the TB Alliance’s goal was to develop better and faster-acting TB drugs, and to make them available and affordable to those in need.

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