Thalassaemia centre to be set up at Vehari

Punjab Health Department will establish Thalasemia Centre at Children Hospital Complex Vehari in collaboration with Plan Pakistan, an international NGO.

The Children Hospital Complex Vehari is a joint venture of Public-Private partnership, which was established by Plan Pakistan and Health Department’s efforts. The Hospital has now earmarked space for establishment of Thalassemia Canter as well.

Health Department will provide Human Resource, U-fone will supply equipments and one time medicine worth Rs 2 million and Plan Pakistan would cooperate for technical and skill enhancement of the human resource made available by the government. U-fone also donated furniture for this center.

Two trained nurses, two data management computer literate supervisor led by a lady doctor will maintain and manage database. Families with positive history of Thalasemia will be provided counselling regarding adverse effects of cousin marriage.

Nishter Medical College, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Multan will do sampling and later skilled staff in Children Hospital will be trained for this purpose.

National Institute of Biogenetic Engineering Faisalabad will be responsible for genetic analysis of the cases.

All treatment at the Thalasemia center would be provided free of cost.
The project is aimed to facilitate the treatment availability in a child friendly environment, encourages parents to make informed decisions and thus reduces the burden of disease and sufferings of the child and parents.

Source : The Nation

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