UAE cloning pioneer to present future of camel cloning at Vet Middle East

Dubai, 14 March 2010 Scientists who took part in the creation of the world’s first cloned camel will be among those taking part in the Middle East’s premier veterinary event later this month.

Dr Nisar A Wani, Head of the Reproductive Biology Laboratory at the Camel Reproduction Centre in Dubai, will be presenting on the status and future perspectives in camel cloning at the Vet Middle East 2010 conference following the birth of Injaz, a cloned female camel, after more than five years of work.

Injaz, which means achievement in Arabic, was born last year after scientists at the Dubai centre took DNA from a cell in the ovary of an adult camel and placed it into an egg from a surrogate camel mother. The cloning was seen as a significant breakthrough as a means of preserving the valuable genetics of elite racing and milk producing camels.

Vet Middle East takes place at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre from 29 – 31 March 2010 alongside the highly successful AGRA Middle East exhibition for agribusiness professionals.

“Vet Middle East, with its own exhibition, provides an ideal platform to promote veterinary products as the Arabian passion for camels, falcons and horses, combined with the maturing domestic pet sector has led to massive industry growth across the region,” said Goutam Malhotra, Exhibition Manager for VET Middle East.

Vet Middle East brings together regional veterinary practitioners and public health officials with manufacturers and suppliers of products and services from pharmaceuticals to food supplements as well as the technological advances in veterinary healthcare.

As well as the camel cloning update, the Vet Middle East conference will feature sessions on equine and camel health; technological advances in the breeding of animals; genetic improvement of racing camels; new advances in veterinary care and therapies; and imaging, diagnostics and surgery.

Vet Middle East 2010 is sponsored by Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park. The event is also supported by Dubai Municipality