Yahoo To Partner With Healthline Networks To Boost Health Channel

Yahoo has entered a three-year agreement with Healthline Networks, a provider of health-related content and applications, in an effort boost the popularity of its online health channel, the New York Times‘ “Bits” reports. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

According to comScore, Yahoo Health was the third most popular health Web site in February, following WebMD and Everyday Health.

Under the three-year deal, Healthline will manage and host Yahoo Health. In addition, Healthline will provide Yahoo Health with a variety of medical and health-related content and tools.

For example, Healthline has developed a medical information search engine that understands the connection between various diseases, as well as the relationship between diseases, drugs and treatments. Healthline also has developed search engines to help users find physicians and other medical information.

Yahoo will remain the primary seller of advertising on Yahoo Health, but Healthline will provide advertising on some of its applications.

source: new york times