Al-Ahli Hospital

Al-Ahli Hospital’s Urology Department has recently acquired two new state-of-the-art technologies that would further the treatment of all kinds of stone diseases.
Urology Department Head and Consultant Dr Abdussalam el Musbahi said that the two new machines, the Holmium Laser Machine and B and K Ultrasound Machine, guarantee high success rates for the treatments of their patients coming to the Urology Clinic.

Al-Ahli Hospital prides itself as the first hospital in the Middle East to receive the International Gold Star Award for Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Innovation and Prestige.

Presenting the machines to the media, el Musbahi said that with the new laser machine from Germany, the hospital could now provide higher success rates to patients with only a single treatment.

“The laser machine has greater reach due to fiber flexibility and small diameter.

There are no contra-indications for this treatment, and so far we have already applied this treatment to around 15-20 cases at the hospital,” he added.

El Musbahi also said that the new B & K Ultrasound Machine was one of its kind in the country.

“This machine is dedicated to urology and prostrate diseases.

It is the only ultrasound machine which can provide prostrate probe or scanning in three dimensions, surgical, transverse, and end-point.

You can easily diagnose biopsies with preciseness and accuracy,” he added.

He also said that the new ultrasound machine was already used to conduct prostrate biopsies in three to four cases at the clinic.

According to el Musbahi, the Urology Department at Al-Ahli Hospital was receiving around 700-800 cases per month.

Most of the cases were stone diseases and inflammation which were common to both Qatari and expatriate populations.

“The reason for this is diet which is rich in protein and low fluid intake,” Dr ElMusbahi added.

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