Al-Mowasah Hospital

Al-Mowasah Hospital

During the last decade, the medical services in Jordan has witnessed a great improvement in both public and private sectors, this revealed itself in establishing many private hospitals which were concentrated in the western area of Amman the Capital.

In view of the fact that the eastern area of Amman is of high and growing population density, since this population totals more than 800.000 people and most of the industrial zones are in the neighbourhood, the economic and field avail studies came to a conclusion that the establishment of a hospital that highly qualified in respect of buildings, equipment and hotel services in this area would achieve the citizens and the investors sought goal.

The hospital’s location was chosen in the western area of Northern Marka, because it’s linked to a net of highways; the hospital is easily accessible heading from Al Hashemi Al Shamali, Al Hashemi Al Janoubi, Jabal Al Tajj, Tareq Suburb, Tabarbour, Al Tatweer Al Hadhari, Yajouz, Al Russeifeh and Zarqa, in addition to the hospital’s neighbourhoods.

Al-Mowasah Hospita

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