Arab Medical Center

In recent years, Jordan has evolved as a regional centre for advanced medical care, mainly due the foresight of HM the Late King Hussein who supported and promoted the development of medical services within the Kingdom. The Arab Medical Centre (AMC) has become one of the leading referral hospitals both for patients in the Middle east and internationally. International patients find the medical treatment in Jordan convenient ,coast effective and thy have added advantage of not only excellent medical care whilst in hospital but also the choice of recuperating in the hospitality only Jordan can provide . Accommodation in luxurious surroundings is available in hospital and after discharge from the AMC in many excellent hotels throughout the kingdom located in place stepped in historical intrigue.The (AMC) was established as a state of the art medical complex located in Amman to serve both Jordan and the surrounding areas .Its prime location in Jabal Amman ensured its easy access in the heart of the Jordanian capital.

Arab Medical Centre Hospital Jabal Amman – 5th Circle, P.O.Box 3128 Amman 11181 Jordan.

Sulaiman Al-Hadidi , Jabal Amman , Amman
Tel: +962-6-5921199
Fax: +962-6-5921282