International Hospital

Established in 1998, the International Medical Center IMC was the first of it’s kind in the middle east.

Dr. Nadir Younes Hamad – Alla, consultant Urologist and Dr. Omar Abu-Hijleh, consultant Endocrinologist, internets and erectile dysfunction expert combined their efforts in collaboration with Boston University Urology department consultants to create a state of the art center in Jordan Hospital Medical Center.

The international Medical Center, in the presences of two leading doctors in their fields.

Dr. Hamdalla and Dr. Abu Hijleh as well as the highly qualified and trained staff headed by Dr. Said Nail offers an international standards of evaluation and treatment of the following problem:

* Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.
* Prostatic diseases and it’s complication.
* Infertility in men.
* Urinary Bladder Dysfunction in both sexes and children

In Erectile dysfunction and impotence

The center is equipped with the most advanced high frequency Ultrasonic Doppler to assess all the organic abnormities in the penile tissues (arteries and veins of the cavernosa and the connective tissues). In the presence of all modalities of treatments(oral medication, penile injections, vacuums devices, surgical procedures and sexual counseling).

The doctor in the center are able to reach more than 95% success in the treatment of men suffering from the problem.

Prostatic diseases

Infections hypertrophy and cancer are major medical problem in men over 45 years of age. In the International Medical Canter all the up to date facilities are available (high frequency ultrasonography supported by transrectal probe and biopsy under vision, Uroflowmetry and Urodynamic Study this set up gives our treating doctors the opportunity to establish the appropriate diagnosis of the problem and tailor the ideal treatment plan for the patients, weather medical or surgical .

In the treatment of infertility

Men will be assessed in evidenced based medicine method to avoid them any frustration and unnecessary effort and they will be advised for the best ways to increase there chances of having kids.
The Urinary Bladder Dysfunctions

Bladder dysfunction in the form of:


Frequency of urination.

Weak stream of urine.


Leak of urine during coughing ,sneezing, jogging ,……etc.

Leaking of urine without control( Incontinence)

Bed wetting at night (Enuresis).

Difficulty in passing urine and attacks of retention.

Incomplete emptying of the bladder after urination.

The above symptoms is disturbing and affecting both sexes and all ages.

The assessment of such problems needs skill complaints ,experienced doctors and supported with up to date instruments to reach the proper diagnosis .

These conditions could be congenital, neurological, behavioral ,secondary to multiple pregnancies in females and after urological surgical operations in both sexes.

After the assessment of the proper cause of the complaint the patient will be advised for the appropriate management of the problem and this include:

A- Surgery.
B- Medications.
C- Rehabilitation.

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