Islamic Hospital

The Islamic hospital was constructed on one of the beautiful hills in Amman. This edifice was based on fear of Allah in order to be added to the glory edifices that were built by the Charitable. Islamic Center society, blessed verses chant with the spirit of the great Islam, the religion of science and work.

At the early beginning of operating the Islamic Hospital in 1982 it was consisted of one building with seven floors, then it was expanded by constructing a number of new buildings, one of them was for the specialty clinics which was later joined to the main building by a systematic architectural set made according to the Islamic style that has a suspended tunnel and two supporting constructions, in addition to new building adjoining the hospital that was purchased to be a specialized center for pediatric, gynecology and sterility medicine . The work in the sterility treatment – IVF unit – was started in 1999. The first fruit of it was thirty five pregnancy cases, three twins for a Jordanian family and three twins for a Yemeni family. All of the twins and their mothers are in a very good health.
In 1993 the Islamic Hospital branch was open in Aqaba – in the far south of the kingdom – to provide the medical services in that region. In this branch many cases are treated without being forced to come to Amman.

The Islamic Hospital provide all various medical services in the theatre department ( O.R ) – which is consisted of six rooms – the most critical surgeries are done , such as : Open heart surgeries, Neurosugeries , Kidney transplantation and cornea transplantation besides the other types of operations. The internal medicine, pediatric and gynecology cases are also treated in the hospital. The treatment process is supervised by a high class of specialized doctors, whether in the hospital or in the specialty clinics. The hospital has a three hundred bed capacity.

The Islamic Hospital administration is very careful about making the medical staff in a real contact with what the science has achieved by holding that specialized symposiums and hosting experts in addition to the continuous enrichment of the medical library which has been linked to “ internet “ leading to fast and accurate diagnoses and treatment for the medical cases. On the other hand, the administration gives a distinguished importance to supplying the hospital with the various modern and developed equipment, machines and technology in order to supply it with the best update diagnostic and treatment abilities. The Islamic Hospital is always a pioneer of modernization of its machines to step with the continuous development in the field of the medical machines to go on with what is being used in the best international medical centers.

Depending on this belief, the X-Ray department was supplied with a developed Ultra sound ( U/S ) machine in addition to the progressive modernization and development of the cardiac cath machine that is used in cardiac and arteries cath . Many new steps have also been made to develop the laboratory department whose work is considered to be and important pillar through providing important services in the diagnostic side for the out patients, for the in patients and for the other centers.

A lot of modern machines have been added to cope with the huge number of tests that are done in typical time and with a very high accurate standard, such as: the machine that is used in testing hormones and drugs level in blood.

In the continuous expanding campaign, a new well equipped floor has been added to the clinics building to suit the increasing number of the full- time specialty doctors and to cover the other specialties. Naturally the design of its construction has followed the developed standards to fit a modern center, which is one of the best places for patients who look for cure.

The Islamic Hospital contains many sections that deal with patients who need various medical needs, therefore, a progressive development is always achieved to meet the demands of these critical cases till passing the dangerous stages .

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