Istiklal Hospital

Istiklal Hospital is a comprehensive hospital established to meet patient needs with our specialized medical services.

Over the past two decades, Jordan has accomplished great achievements and has reached an advanced level within the medical field and basic health care. These successes have helped Jordan become a resourceful treatment attraction for citizens of various Arabic countries. Istiklal Hospital has evidently been one of the great achievements of the country, due to the faithful and national spirit, and the wide economic vision of ALBLAD company which was founded on 26/11 / 1996. The company was able to provide quality services in the field of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive medical devices through its first project “Istiklal Hospital”.

Istiklal Hospital is a medical monument, and was opened under the patronage of His Majesty on the anniversary of Independence Day of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on 25/5/2001. The hospital was built with a beautiful architectural style on ISTIKLAL street in the heart of the capital Amman and near ALDAKHLIA circle in order to reflect Jordan’s medical message through its highly qualified medical, nursing and administrative staff. The hospital staff contributed to the attraction of medical tourism to the kingdom, hand in hand with the hospital’s luxurious hotel services that are equipped with the latest computerized equipments.

The vision of Istiklal Hospital is to become a leading exemplary hospital, locally, regionally and globally, in providing the latest, integrated and most distinguished medical services that depend on the latest techniques and medical expertise that serves the aim of keeping the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at the forefront amongst regional the countries in the medical field.

Al-Istiqlal , Arjan , Amman

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