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Lighting and Medical Supply Units:Zumtobel is german company specialized in manufacturing medical supply units and hospital lights system.As known,the right lighting does not only support functional,butalso it has an emotional effects that lead to therapeutic success.therefore,Zumtobel has been working closely with hospital designers for many years to insure the right lighting environment for hospitals and medical care centers,its unique designs and medical lighting supply systems are aimed at openness,brightness and transparency which are vital for the recovery process.

Hospital Beds:
Volker is german company specialized in manufacturing high standards hospital beds.the new s960-1,S960-2,5380K and Vis-a-Vis hospital bed from Volker is truly innovative.No other hospital bed has brought so many features and creative designs as has Volker Beds.

Providing more capabilities and equipped with more function such as hand control unit,MIS lying surfaced,side rails,consol and bed side cabinet,the Volker Beds allows healthcare facilities to offer more help to their patients.With high level of safety and compatibility with international standard.


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