We have vast experience in working in the field of Biomedical Engineering. Our staff hold years of experience in Hospital Devices, their use and safe implementation in hospitals and related organization.

We have developed a wide range of training courses which can be taken at any time to improve your organisations’ service quality and development.

We currently have following courses available for Receptionists, Frontline Cutomer service desk staff, nurses and other healthcare professionals. All courses material is designed by experts in each field. We have arrangements to conduct courses at client site or at any location in the Middle East.

phone-nurseTelephone Etiquette For Healthcare

This course will enhance the skills of all your front line employees, offering them simple but effective methods to ensure consistent and reliable service every time. Click here for details and course registration

arabicArabic For Special Purposes: Healthcare Arabic

This course is designed to understand the Arab world better, relate in a positive way to Arabic-speaking people, and communicate effectively with Arabs during work hours in order to promote comfort and communication with your clients. This can only guarantee a repeated business

arab-cultureCultural Awareness in the Gulf

Participants will discover common assumptions and misunderstandings that are culturally based (in the Gulf). With a better understanding the Gulf culture, business and customer service can be more effectively applied in the day to day serving Gulf customers.

Assertive-Behavior-nurseAssertive Behavior

This course is for the Participants who are too shy, too timid or indeed too aggressive. The course is designed to change their behaviars into positive assertiveness will be able to change these behaviors into assertiveness.

This course is a must for every one who feels introverted or shy. Hospital management/ICU, PICU, ANE departments, Outpatient climinics heads will benifit by sending their staff to this course.

customer-careCustomer Service (General) Course

This course will coach your employees in efficient and consistent customer service, which in turn is what allows your company to retain its market share. Happy customers keep coming back and your business will profit and grow in an exponential manner.

dificult-patient Dealing with Difficult Customers

This an excellent course for healthcare professionals specially those who are in direct contact with the customers. Participants have to deal with difficult customers and demanding bosses all day. Conflict management shows us how to deal with the situations using the best communication techniques.

closing-salesImprove your Closing Ratio (Sell more) 

Even hospitals and healthcare companies now need to work out different sales techniques. Closing sales in a positive and profitable manner is very important. The participants will incorporate the full process of closing a sale, understanding the strength of questioning and adding an action statement at the end of each closing statement

confident-nurse-courseFeeling Confident and Motivated in the Workplace

Participants discover the benefit and ease of becoming more confident in the workplace which enhances productivity

Click here to book this and any other courses now. You may also contact us for sponsorships and joint vantures or more detais

We cater for hospitals, medical distributors and device manufecturers to offer customized courses at different levels.

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