Arabic For Special Purposes: Healthcare Arabic

Objective: This course is designed to understand the Arab world better, relate in a positive way to Arabic-speaking people, and communicate effectively with Arabs during work hours in order to promote comfort and communication with your clients. This can only guarantee a repeated business

arabic-patientDuration: Minimum 30 hours

Target Audience:

• Any employee

After this course, participants will be able to:

• Have small conversations
• Greet patients and patients’ families
• Transfer an Arabic speaker on the phone to another Arabic speaker
• Use practical vocabulary related to the healthcare sector


• Employees face four basic challenges every day in learning Arabic. ASP training will help employees overcome these challenges through practise and exercises conducted in class in

o Sounds
o Structures
o Vocabulary
o Vocabulary relating to healthcare
o Culture

• Lecture with PowerPoint
• Conversation in the class
• Student book

This is a unique course offered by us. We will have this course organised at multiple locations and will have our trainers travel to the training places. This course can also be conducted at your hospital or healthcare Institution

This course has been successfully delivered at many hospitals in Damam Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Bahrain Qatar and Oman.

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Course Designer and creator Ms. Jennifer Baxavanis of Bax LLC Dubai.